The Future of Our Country?

November 2, 2016 by cwiley34

The future of our country does not depend on whether or not you agree with the outcome of this or any election. Our Republic’s future depends on whether or not we all can learn to accept, engage and love one another regardless of the outcome.

It is obvious that this election ruptured a fault of incivility that extends far beyond the two presidential candidates. While it is bad enough that they label each other and spew toxic rhetoric that gets regurgitated by the media and political pundits. We are worse for tolerating it. We are worse for pointing the finger at one of the two, trying to justify their poor rhetoric/actions/decisions while straining the very bounds of our logic, reason and morality. We are worse because we have called our neighbors, colleagues and family members a parade of epithets, casually, recklessly, without care, barbing them as “idiots,” “Neanderthals,” “unstable,” “hopeless,” “un-American,” “stupid,” “vile,” “odious,” “borderline Nazi,” and “putridly vile”… all phrases I lifted from Facebook feeds over these past few weeks as they discuss the election, the debate, and the “other side”… and with each one, further proving that “one Nation under God, indivisible” is just a slogan no one believes anymore, a one Nation only if you believe/think/agree with me.

We are worse because we keep saying, “I don’t understand how anyone can vote for ______,” yet we never actually have a civil conversation with a supporter of another candidate. We really don’t seek first to understand. We simply want to be heard, and often hide smugly and self-assuredly behind the protection of a digital barrier.

We are worse because WE allowed this to happen!

We allowed politicians to carve us into gerrymandered districts that permit no competition and thus ensure that only the elected ideologues/demagogues go-to and establish permanent residence in Washington. We allowed the concept of a citizen legislature to be corrupted by financial influence and power. We allowed cable networks to cater to an ideological clientele, dividing us along a business model.

We allowed it to happen when we jumped into a world where the views of celebrities became more important than the well-articulated words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Jesus Christ.

The God that I serve loves Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. But I feel fairly certain that our behavior grieves Him. And the next chapter in our Republic’s history hinges less on who occupies the Oval Office and more on whether we can actually seek forgiveness for the wedges we’ve created, the things we have said, and the feelings we have harbored… because once we have reached that point we will all be better together. Matthew 22:36-40OneNationUnderGod_UnitedinPrayer_w_flag0202


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